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Furlux was started thanks to the talents of its Canadian designer Valery Geoffroy. It is at Cegep Marie-Victorin that she completed her studies in the women's clothing program. After graduating in 1995, she entered the industry and she worked closely with titans of fashion world that thought her the trade from all angles. She eventually landed jobs as a designer that led her to travel through Europe, America and Asia.

With over 12 years experience in women's clothing, including 8 years in the coat and fur accessories, in 2004 she decided to acquire knowledge and entered the school of Crafts and leather goods which led her to create Geoffroy handbags. Her first collection of leather handbags didn't go unnoticed. They were presented in "Elle Quebec", Sensass and other articles in magazines dedicated to design.

In 2008, Valery decides to put her knowledge to work and a new brand was born. Furlux, a contemporary line of knitted fur accessories. The line is very successful and is sold across Canada. Since then, to add to the success, Valery has launched a new collection of outerwear.

Furlux is a growing Brand that stands out by its originality and urban styling thanks Valery who constantly renews herself through her creations.

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